Langkawi Rugby Festival 2024

Langkawi Rugby Festival 2024

The Langkawi Rugby Festival 2024 takes a special turn as it exclusively features Malaysian players, showcasing the nation’s rugby prowess on the international stage. Against the breathtaking backdrop of Langkawi’s landscapes, local teams will passionately compete, embodying the spirit of national pride and sportsmanship. This unique event not only celebrates Malaysia’s rich rugby culture but also provides a platform for domestic players to demonstrate their skills and foster camaraderie within the local rugby community. The festival’s emphasis on Malaysian talent adds a distinctive flavour to the competition, creating an exciting atmosphere for both players and spectators. As Langkawi welcomes teams from across the country, the festival becomes a testament to Malaysia’s growing rugby scene and the spirit of unity through sport.

01 – 05 May

Venue:  Kolej Vokasional Langkawi

Organiser Details:
Langkawi Hawk Rugby Club / Kolej Vokasional Langkawi
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Socials : fb/LangkawiHawkRC

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