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Travel + Leisure Readers’ 25 Favorite Islands in the World of 2023

Looking for an unforgettable island getaway? Here, the top 25 islands in the world, as part of our annual "World’s Best Awards" survey for 2023.

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Island vacations can be a blissful combination of thrilling adventures, sun-kissed beaches, and vibrant cultures. Some islands offer adventure and water activities, others offer a tranquil escape. But the best islands are a marriage of the two.

How Voting Works

Every year for our World's Best Awards survey, T+L asks readers to weigh in on travel experiences around the globe — to share their opinions on the top hotels, resorts, cities, islands, cruise ships, spas, airlines, and more. Nearly 165,000 T+L readers completed the 2023 survey, an increase of nearly 25 percent over pre-pandemic voting levels. A total of more than 685,000 votes were cast across over 8,500 unique properties (hotels, cities, cruise lines, etc.).

Islands were specifically rated on the criteria below:

  • Natural attractions/beaches
  • Activities/sights
  • Restaurants/food
  • People/friendliness
  • Value

For each characteristic, respondents could choose a rating of excellent, above average, average, below average, or poor. The final scores are averages of these responses.

What Readers Loved

The top three favorites are iconic island getaways: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Islands, The Maldives, and Indonesia’s Bali. Greece, which has more than 6,000 islands and islets, has three winners on the list: Paros (No. 11); Rhodes and the Dodecanese (No. 19); and Santorini (No. 25). Portugal had two (Madeira at No. 4 and the Azores at No. 17) and Thailand had two in the top 10 (No. 5 Phuket and No. 7 Koh Samui.)

Read on to discover why Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Islands claimed the No. 1 spot and which other islands were crowned the world’s best.

The Full List

  1. Great Barrier Reef Islands, Australia

Irjaliina Paavonpera/Travel+Leisure

The Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that stretches for 1,400 miles off Australia’s northeastern coast, is home to the world’s largest collection of coral reefs – almost 3,000 in all. It’s also home to a group of roughly 900 islands that T+L readers have voted their favorite in the world. A T+L reader who has more than once stayed on Hamilton Island said, “The physical beauty of the area is without equal. Just love the island and the people of Australia.

Reader Score: 96.11

The physical beauty of the area is without equal.

— T+L Reader

  1. Maldives

Lauren Breedlove/Travel+Leisure

The Maldives is made up of 1,192 islands — and only 200 of those are currently inhabited. Home to about 3 percent of the planet’s reefs, the Maldives is also known for its clear emerald waters, luxurious overwater bungalows, and providing travelers with an isolated retreat. According to a T+L reader, it’s “heaven on Earth.” The best time to visit is the dry season, which typically runs from November through April.

Reader Score: 95.68

  1. Bali, Indonesia

Getty Images

From the bustling streets of Ubud and the trendy beach clubs of Seminyak to the serene retreats of the north shore, there’s something for everyone on Bali. Also called the "Island of the Gods,” Bali is renowned for its world-class resorts, luxury spas, and wellness retreats. The island is deeply rooted in spirituality and tradition, so visitors can also immerse themselves in the island's culture, whether it be exploring ancient Hindu temples, participating in a melukat ceremony, or witnessing a traditional dance performance.

Reader Score: 94.40

  1. Madeira, Portugal

Getty Images

Travelers are treated to idyllic scenery at every turn on the Portuguese island of Madeira, whether they’re hiking alongside the famous levadas (irrigation channels), exploring the enchanting Laurissilva Forest, or simply taking in the panoramic vistas from Pico do Areeiro. One T+L reader said, “The diversity of the island, from rocky beaches to fogged-in mountains, has something for everyone.” And no visit would be complete without indulging in the fortified wine and the fresh seafood for which the island is famous.

Reader Score: 94.33

  1. Phuket, Thailand

Karl Hendon/Getty Images

Known as the “Pearl of the Andaman Sea,” this tropical paradise offers stunning white-sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and boundless adventures. Travelers can relax and soak up the sun on its world-famous beaches or do more outdoorsy things like snorkeling around vibrant coral reefs and exploring the hidden coves. Phuket, known for its nightlife, is a two-hour boat ride from the nearby Phi Phi Islands. Among the many hotels, an honorable mention goes to Amanpuri, which readers voted their third favorite resort in Southeast Asia this year.

Reader Score: 94.21

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  1. Skye and the Hebrides, Scotland

Monica Vila Ferreiros/Getty Images

The archipelago, off the western coast of Scotland, offers white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and ancient ruins. Skye, known as the "Misty Isle," boasts dramatic cliffs, majestic mountains, and picturesque lochs. One T+L reader said the islands are “nature at its best.” Whisky enthusiasts can embark on a distillery tour to savor the renowned Scottish spirits, while music lovers can sit in on a cèilidh — a sort of Gaelic jam session – at one of the local pubs

Reader Score: 94.13

  1. Koh Samui, Thailand

Getty Images

Tucked away in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui has it all: idyllic beaches, culture, and luxurious retreats. You can unwind on popular beaches like Chaweng and Lamai, or explore the island’s spiritual traditions at Wat Plai Laem or the Big Buddha Temple. And for a glimpse into the local lifestyle, there’s no better place than the bustling night markets. According to one T+L reader, Koh Samui is “the most beautiful and paradisiacal island on the planet.” As for where to stay, Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort readers favorite resorts in Southeast Asia.

Reader Score: 93.89

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  1. Dominica

Renata Tyburczy/Getty Images

When it comes to untouched landscapes in the Caribbean, Dominica — nicknamed the “Nature Island” — stands apart from other islands. Its lush landscape includes volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls, and black sand beaches. Where to stay? Secret Bay in Portsmouth secured the No. 1 spot for Best Hotel in the Caribbean this year, too.

ReaderScore: 93.66

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  1. Langkawi, Malaysia

Matteo Colombo/Getty Images

One of Malaysia’s most popular islands, Langkawi has something for everyone: beaches, a great food scene, diving spots, and vibey nightlife. Visitors can take the SkyCab to the top of Gunung Machinchang, where they’ll be rewarded with dramatic 360-degree views; visit Pantai Pasir Hitam, the island’s black sand beach; or experience the impressive Seven Wells Waterfall.

Reader Score: 93.65

  1. Boracay, Philippines

Tobias Jo./Getty Images

More than 7,000 islands make up the Philippines, and Boracay still manages to stand apart from the rest. The tiny island — just 4.5 miles long — is known as “the island that never sleeps” for its parties and nightlife. One T+L reader called the island “the best leisure vacation destination.”

Reader Score: 92.94

  1. Paros, Greece

Matteo Colombo/Getty Images

Nestled in the heart of the Cyclades, Paros offers a perfect blend of picturesque landscapes, idyllic beaches, enchanting whitewashed villages, and rich cultural heritage. It’s also a hit with history buffs, as it has ancient ruins like the Sanctuary of Apollo and the Venetian Castle. Mix in pristine sandy shores, delicious Greek cuisine, and vibrant nightlife, and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best islands to visit.

Reader Score: 92.47

  1. Fiji Islands, Fiji

Jess Macdonald/Travel+Leisure

Tucked away in the crystal-clear waters of the South Pacific, these islands boast lush tropical landscapes and vibrant coral reefs. Fiji is a slice of paradise for all, but especially so for those who enjoy cliff jumping, zip lining, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Beyond its beaches, travelers can immerse themselves in the local culture by visiting crafts markets and participating in traditional kava ceremonies.

Reader Score: 92.29

  1. Golden Isles, Georgia

Courtesy of

The Golden Isles in Georgia — encompassing Jekyll Island, St. Simons Island, Little St. Simons Island, and Sea Island — is a captivating destination with pristine beaches, natural beauty, and rich history. Jekyll Island, once a private retreat for America's wealthiest families, offers a glimpse into the opulent Gilded Age with its historic mansions. Little St. Simons Island is a secluded paradise, providing an exclusive escape for nature enthusiasts, with its diverse ecosystems and unspoiled beaches. Meanwhile, Sea Island is known for its luxurious resorts and offers world-class amenities, including golf courses, spas, and fine dining experiences. St. Simons Island is home to a charming coastal village with a stunning lighthouse and a vibrant arts scene.

Reader Score: 92.15

  1. Moorea, French Polynesia

D.Lentz/Getty Images

Known as the “Magical Island,” Moorea is an unforgettable tropical getaway. It has hiking trails through its tropical forests with panoramic viewpoints, like Mount Rotui, and secluded waterfalls. The island's rich Polynesian culture can be experienced through traditional dance performances and visits to local markets. One T+L reader raved that it’s one of their favorite islands of all time.

Reader Score: 92.15

  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania


Pristine beaches and picturesque sunsets are a guarantee in Zanzibar. Travelers can also visit one of the many local spice farms to learn about the role that cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon played in the island's history. Whether you’re walking through the historic Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, or trying to spot the Zanzibar red colobus monkeys at the Jozani Forest Reserve, Zanzibar offers travelers an experience that merges relaxation, adventure, and history.

Reader Score: 91.53

  1. The Seychelles

Nils Robert/Getty Images

The Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, is known for its powdery white-sand beaches. The islands also boast lush tropical forests and nature reserves, such as Vallée de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where rare Coco de Mer palms can be found. Hikers can follow trails to breathtaking viewpoints, cascading waterfalls, and hidden coves. Seychelles is also home to unique flora and fauna, including giant tortoises, rare birds, and exotic plant species.

Reader Score: 91.47

  1. The Azores, Portugal


The Azores are a hidden gem in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that some call the “Hawaii of Europe.” The archipelago comprises nine lush volcanic islands, each offering a unique experience. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy São Miguel's picturesque lakes, waterfalls, and forests. Hiking trails lead to breathtaking viewpoints, such as the Sete Cidades crater, where visitors can marvel at the contrasting colors of the twin lakes. The local cuisine is also a highlight, with fresh seafood like rockfish and barracuda, São Jorge cheese, and sweet pastries like filhóses to tantalize the taste buds.

Reader Score: 90.92

  1. Bora-Bora, French Polynesia

Ruxandra Arustei/Getty Images

Known as the "Pearl of the Pacific," Bora Bora is a dreamy destination with turquoise lagoons and iconic overwater bungalows. It comes as no surprise that the island's crystal-clear waters offer world-class snorkeling and diving experiences, but there’s a variety of other thrilling activities, like Jet Skiing, parasailing, and helicopter tours. Local guides can arrange workshops that teach visitors about Polynesian traditions, dance, and cuisine. A T+L reader called the island "otherworldly," while another said it's an "amazing location for anyone."

Reader Score: 90.80

  1. Rhodes and the Dodecanese, Greece

Getty Images

Rhodes, known as the "Island of the Knights," is steeped in history, with its medieval city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcasing ancient ruins, fortified walls, and grandiose architecture. Beyond history, Rhodes offers stunning beaches, like those in Faliraki and Lindos. Travelers can also venture to the other Dodecanese islands, each with its own unique charm.

Reader Score: 90.67

  1. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Michael Siluk/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Mackinac Island is unique in that cars and trucks are banned, so residents and visitors rely on horse-drawn carriages and bicycles for transportation. Its historic downtown has cozy cafes, quaint shops, and plenty of well-preserved Colonial, Georgian, and Greek Revival architecture. One T+L reader sums up the destination perfectly: “there’s no place like it.” (Mackinac is home to three of T+L readers' 10 favorite midwest resorts: Hotel Iroquois, Island House Hotel, and Grand Hotel.)

Reader Score: 90.67

  1. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Getty Images

The Galápagos Islands, in the Pacific Ocean, are famed for their extraordinary biodiversity. Exploring the islands offers up-close encounters with remarkable creatures (think giant tortoises and blue-footed boobies) in their natural habitats. Visiting the Galápagos also gives travelers a chance to gain a deeper understanding of evolution and the fragility of ecosystems through educational programs and guided tours.

Reader Score. 90.60

  1. Hvar and the Dalmatian Islands, Croatia

Lauren Breedlove/Travel+Leisure

Hvar and the Dalmatian Islands in Croatia offer travelers a unique Mediterranean experience. Hvar, known as the "Queen of the Dalmatian Islands," has lavender fields, vineyards, and magnificently clear waters. Visitors can explore the charming old town of Hvar, which has picturesque squares, historic buildings, and a medieval fortress offering panoramic views of the harbor and the Adriatic Sea. Hvar's vibrant nightlife scene is also a draw, with trendy beach clubs and bars energizing the evenings.

Reader Score: 90.20

  1. Sicily, Italy

Laura La Monaca/Travel+Leisure

Steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty, Sicily is a must-visit destination. Not only is it home to rich historical sites (like the Greek Theatre of Syracuse, the Villa Romana del Casale, and the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento), but it also has stunning nature, between Mount Etna and the beaches overlooking the crystal-clear Mediterranean. The island’s culinary scene is equally exciting: visitors can sample delicious street food like panelle and crocchè, and indulge in local dishes like pasta alla Norma.

Reader Score: 90.13

  1. Anguilla

Getty Images

Anguilla, a British territory in the Caribbean, is a secluded getaway with 33 beaches. Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla and Frangipani Beach Resort both ranked as two of the best resorts in the region. Hike to the top of Crocus Hill for views, go on a self-guided walking tour of the Anguilla Heritage Trail, and don’t forget to try a Johnny Cake — a staple in Anguilla's local cuisine.

Reader Score: 90.10

  1. Santorini, Greece

Adhithya Nataraj/500px/Getty Images

Often touted as one of the most romantic islands in the world, Santorini is known for its whitewashed buildings with blue domes. Overlooking the Aegean Sea, the volcanic island is home to several picturesque villages like Oia, Fira, and Imerovigli. One T+L reader raved that the island has “beautiful sunsets” and “wonderful views,” plus excellent food and friendly locals.

Reader Score: 89.51


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Langkawi cannot be compared to Haadyai – both have different attractions, say tourism players

Haadyai is a regional destination, while Langkawi is regarded as an international one.

Tourism on Langkawi caters to all market segments, say tourism players - The Vibes, January 3, 2024

By Ian McIntyre


TOURISM players in Langkawi do not want the island resort to be compared with southern Thailand's biggest city of Haadyai since both places of interest have varying attractions when it comes to tourism.

Haadyai is by most accounts, a regional mid-range destination just like Johor is to Singaporeans, said Tropical Charters Sdn Bhd owner Datuk Issac Alexander.

The operator of a cruise charter service here said Singapore does not complain if many of their citizens flock to Johor, especially over the Christmas - New Year festive period.

“This is similar to how some 140,000 Malaysians visited Thailand over the seven-day year-end period … Why should there be any concerns?” asked Alexander.

He said Haadyai for the longest time, was always a frequent destination for Malaysians since the 1970s.

Haadyai is a regional destination, and can maintain a cost-competitive advantage whereas Langkawi is regarded as an international one, Alexander said.

"Hence it is unfair to compare Langkawi with Haadyai. Both have different attractions and both can complement each other," said Alexander.

Haadyai is mostly about street shopping, food and entertainment whereas Langkawi is about beaches, eco-tourism, geo - parks and recreation besides its duty-free shopping.

He was responding to reports questioning tourism players if something could be done, as Malaysians are flocking to Haadyai instead of Langkawi.

Alexander said contrary to some reports, Langkawi enjoyed brisk business during the year-end festive period with some holidaymakers extending their stay there.

But the arrival figures would pale in comparison to the likes of Haadyai and Phuket (Langkawi's main competitor) because the latter had teething issues over the tides, which was caused by extreme sediments accumulation at the base of the Kuala Perlis and Kuala Kedah ferry terminals, said Alexander.

He added that this was further complicated as airlines could not find ways to lower the airfare and increase flights to Langkawi due to the irregular demand load factors.

Given time, Alexander said that Langkawi can compete with Haadyai over the number of tourists but it is pointless to compare both destinations.

"They are not in the same leisure market. Langkawi has more five-star properties compared to Haadyai."

Tourism Langkawi coordinator Ahmad Pishol Isahak said that tourism on the island resort caters to all market segments but although it may not be wise to compare, Langkawi can emulate Haadyai in some ways.

Firstly, Pishol said that the private sector there was united, so likewise in Langkawi, the entire field of travel trade members need to be on the same page.

"Unfortunately, the private sector in Langkawi is riddled with cliques with some five associations jostling to see who can best represent the industry."

Secondly, Pishol said that packaging is important, as it can drive down costs.

"Now, there is even a free tut-tut service from the border checkpoints into Haadyai."

Langkawi can do more with its connectivity points, Pishol said, adding that Penang Port Sdn Bhd must also assist by allowing the revival of the sea route between Penang and Langkawi to resume after it was suspended for the past three years.

Having better accessibility to a destination strengthens its tourism clout, said Pishol.

He added that the private sector in Langkawi must find ways to drive down costs, especially in hospitality charges and vehicle rental, as well as food.

"Langkawi is a one-stop tourism destination. It caters from budget to up-market travellers. We must cater for all and we must package it as a must-see destination."

There is also a need to animate the attractions in Langkawi, so more local tourists will find it appealing enough to come, he added - The Vibes, January 4, 2024.


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BoBoiBoy to bring Langkawi to new heights

Catch BoBoiBoy and friends at the Langkawi SkyCab. — Handout

Animonsta Studios is collaborating with a cable car operator to bring BoBoiBoy to the island of Langkawi in Kedah.

The studio and Panorama Langkawi will bring BoBoiBoy for a performance, entertaining folks during the school holiday at the Langkawi SkyCab.

The special episode, BoBoiBoy: Journey To Space, will be shown at the Langkawi SkyDome. This show has been produced in a 360° 3D image projection format, employing 12 state-of-the-art projectors that will allow audiences to immerse in a visually stunning experience.

Animonsta chief executive officer Nizam Abd Razak said the Langkawi SkyDome, a pioneer recreation centre of its kind in the region, promises an unparalleled and exhilarating show for visitors.

He also said that the collaboration signifies an innovative initiative aimed at drawing tourists to Langkawi as it combines the strengths of two local companies that appeal to families with children and also BoBoiBoy’s global fans.

“We hope this collaboration will attract more tourists to visit Langkawi island, and also be a stepping stone for BoBoiBoy to become a Malaysian tourism icon,” he said.

He added after 12 years in action, the local superhero BoBoiBoy is a well-known brand in the region and is excited that Panorama Langkawi is using BoBoiBoy as a tourism icon.

Visitors can ride a cable car decorated with BoBoiBoy stickers at Langkawi SkyCab, watch a special episode of BoBoiBoy: Journey To Space at Langkawi SkyDome and buy exclusive merchandise from Animonsta and Panorama Langkawi at the tourist attraction.

The latest series, BoBoiBoy Galaxy SORI, is available for streaming everywhere in Asia, through popular streaming platforms Netflix as well as on the official Monsta YouTube channel. Local television station TV9 is also showing the programme. – Bernama



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Langkawi back with a bang

170,000 tourist arrivals at island from Dec 1-20, says Lada

LANGKAWI: Tourism is making waves again here with thousands of holidaymakers converging since the school holidays began.

According to statistics released by the Langkawi Development Authority (Lada), 68,000 visitors set foot on the island during the first week of the school holidays beginning Dec 15.

Average daily arrivals were 11,000 against the usual figure of 7,300. There were a staggering 170,000 tourist arrivals from Dec 1-20, it said. “From Jan 1 to Dec 20, there were a total of 2.63 million visitors to Langkawi,” Lada said in a statement to The Star.

It listed sea connectivity as the top mode of travel to Langkawi, accounting for 58% of arrivals. Of these, 70% arrived by ferry from Kuala Kedah and Kuala Perlis, 15% by ro-ro (roll-on/roll-off vessels) and 6% by ferry from Thailand. The remaining 42% arrivals were by air, with the bulk (90% of the portion) coming via domestic flights.

Lada said 19 cruise ships have berthed at Langkawi, with more than 30,000 excursionists so far this year. With the momentum picking up, Lada said things were looking good for 2024.

“Next year, Lada expects three million visitors and this forecast is based on better air connectivity and also because Langkawi will host Routes Asia 2024 and other major sporting events such as Ironman Langkawi and the Langkawi International Half Marathon.”

The authority said Routes Asia 2024, to be held from Feb 27-29, will serve as a platform for the region’s airlines, airports, tourism authorities and aviation stakeholders to meet and share best practices.

Lada also announced that it will introduce a new incentive for scheduled flights to Langkawi from Jan 1 to enhance air connectivity, with a one-off US$10,000 (RM46,285) extended to participating airlines.

Air connectivity will get a boost when Flydubai begins daily flights from Dubai to Langkawi from Feb 10 next year. Lada said AirAsia will commence direct flights from Kualanamu, Medan, to Langkawi in the first quarter of next year.

Itaka, one of Poland’s biggest tour operators, will also launch chartered flights to Langkawi for three years starting from 2024.


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Kedah targets 3 mil visitors for Langkawi in 2024

Datuk Mohd Salleh Saidin (2nd-right), Lada deputy chief executive officer Ahmad Fuad Che Ani (right), Lada Tourism director Dr Azmil Munif Mohd Bukhari (2nd-left) and Panorama Langkawi acting chief executive officer Abu Hashim Abd Rahman, during the anniversary ceremony in Langkawi. - NSTP/HAMZAH OSMAN

LANGKAWI: The Kedah government has set a target to attract three million domestic and international visitors to this island next year, affirming Langkawi as among the best nautical holiday destinations in Asia.

State Tourism, Culture and Entrepreneur Minister Datuk Mohd Salleh Saidin said the target has been set based on a positive momentum of higher numbers of visitor arrivals for the fourth quarter of this year.

Salleh said the target is also aligned with the target set by the Langkawi Development Authority (Lada), an agency under the Finance Ministry," he said after launching the 21-year anniversary of Langkawi SkyCab.

He added that Flydubai is on track to commence its direct flight services from the United Arab Emirates' capital in Dubai by next Feb 10.

"At the same time, Lada will continue to collaborate with other international airlines to bring in more direct flights to the island in order to revive its tourism sector that was severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the ceremony, Langkawi SkyCab operator, Panorama Langkawi Sdn Bhd also launched its four products SkyTrail; BoBoiBoy; SkyATV Ride and 3D Photo.

Present were Ayer Hangat assemblyman Shamsilah Siru, Lada deputy chief executive officer Ahmad Fuad Che Ani and Panorama Langkawi acting chief executive officer Abu Hashim Abd Rahman.


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LADA Launches Dynamic B2B Collaborations in Jakarta

Matras News, Jakarta – The Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) is proud to share their engaging initiatives with B2B partnerships in Jakarta.

The event unfolded at Holiday Inn Gajah Mada Hotel, attracting 120 travel agencies eager to engage with Langkawi’s tourism stakeholders.

This 4th to 10th December, LADA has arranged to bring forty local Langkawi stakeholders to Medan and Jakarta.

This initiative is supported by Tourism Malaysia Medan, Tourism Malaysia Jakarta and Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), and the group consists of travel agencies, hotels and tourism products from Langkawi. A business session took place over two days with an interesting exchange of industry best practices and ideas.

These engaging initiatives are part of LADA’s ongoing efforts to position Langkawi as a go-to destination for international travellers specifically from Medan and Jakarta, and boosting Langkawi’s tourism and economy.

LADA has also collaborated with Air Asia to facilitate this programme by offering a special promo code to Langkawi stakeholders. Moving forward, Air Asia is interested to start offering direct flights from Indonesia to Langkawi, from Q1 2024.

Dr. Azmil Munif bin Mohd Bukhari, Tourism Manager of LADA, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We are excited to work closely with Tourism Malaysia and our partners in Medan and Jakarta to encourage B2B partnerships across both parties.

Langkawi is not just a destination; it’s an experience and we are looking forward to welcoming our Indonesian partners and travellers to experience all that this beautiful island has to offer.”

Taking a significant step to boost the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) sector, LADA is also now offering incentives specifically tailored for MICE activities.

Furthermore, LADA has introduced the Charter Flight and Schedule Inaugural Flight incentive for 2024, providing an enticing reward of $10,000 USD per inaugural direct flight.

These efforts come alongside LADA’s latest partnership with Tourism Malaysia and the Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) to launch the eagerly awaited ‘MyTriple E’ incentive offer under the esteemed Meet in Malaysia campaign.

With this partnership, LADA, Tourism Malaysia, and MyCEB are joining forces to facilitate the ‘MyTriple E’ venture, which aims to create a lasting impact on the business events industry by enticing Indonesian corporations and associations to explore the myriad opportunities available in Malaysia.

This includes exceptional facilities, a thriving business environment, and an enchanting cultural landscape, all within a vibrant and diverse nation.

All of these initiatives further underscore LADA’s commitment to strengthening the ties between Indonesia and Langkawi, fostering an environment ripe for new business ventures, enriching travel experiences, and lasting partnerships.

For more information on LADA, please visit and


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Ten Instagrammable Spots In Langkawi

Published in TTR Weekly

Langkawi is encouraging domestic visitors to explore the island’s varied attractions, heritage and natural beauty logging the trip with 10 instagrammable moments; the high spots of a visit the northern Malaysian island.

1. Eagle Square/ Dataran Lang
This 12m tall eagle is the most iconic landmark of Langkawi, and of course, it is on the top of the list! The best time to take a picture with this majestic eagle is in the morning with the big blue sky as the background. Folklore has it that Langkawi got its name from two Malay words: ‘helang’ – eagle and ‘kawi’ – reddish-brown. This eagle, specifically Brahminy Kite, can be seen around Langkawi.

2. Langkawi SkyBridge
The perfect photo spot set against the Machinchang Mountain, Langkawi SkyBridge brings you to the best viewing point on Langkawi. The spectacular view of Langkawi is all at a glance. The suspended bridge challenges you to stride proudly 100m above ground and at 660m above sea level while still striking Instagram-worthy poses.

3. Underwater World Langkawi
It’s the amazing Underwater World! Walk beneath the underwater tunnel and take a breathtaking shot with the sharks. Or you can opt for the cuter and chicky penguins! With three different climatic themes – Tropical Rainforest, Temperate and Sub-Antarctic, you get to see all about marine lives around the world.

4. Dayang Bunting Lake
Vest up and take a dip! Dayang Bunting Lake or the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden is located on the second largest island in Langkawi. According to folklore, this is the bathing pool of Mambang Sari – a celestial princess. Happily married to the prince Mat Teja, their son died at the age of seven days. They decided to leave their son’s body in the lake to allow him to rest in peace. She then blessed women who bathe in this lake be endowed with a child. If you look for long enough, you’ll spot the pregnant lady figure from the shape of the hills!

5. Kilim Karst Geoforest Park
Explore the Kilim Geoforest Park while taking a picture with the signboard. This nature reserve guarantees you a good view of limestone cliffs, hunting eagles, various species of birds, bats in caves, lush mangrove trees and many more. Take a boat ride around, and you definitely won’t be disappointed!

6. Kubang BadakBiogeo Trail
Get closer to the geological creation that is unique to Langkawi! Kubang BadakBiogeo Trail features 13 locations that bring you through the river along mangrove forest, geological-diverse spots, and early settlement of the Thai community. You can even take pictures with nine elephants along the trail! Wait, what? There are elephants on Langkawi? It’s actually a part of the limestone formation at the cave entrance of Gua Pinang that resembles elephant trunks. It will be a fun-filled and eye-opening journey other than plenty of photo ops!

7. Seven Wells Waterfall/ TelagaTujuh
This is the most picturesque waterfall on the island. While it requires some hiking, the view is all worth it once you witness the grandeur of the waterfall. The name Seven Wells refers to the seven natural pools from the cascading waterfalls. You can even get up the red hanging bridge or viewing deck to look over the entire waterfall. That spot makes a great place for pictures too. Get your bathing suit ready and have a refreshing bath after the hike.

8. Lagenda Park
Situated next to the Eagle Square, Lagenda Park is a folklore park where you can learn and know more about all the mythical stories on Langkawi. The legend behind the split of GunungMachinchang and Gunung Raya – the battle of two giants, Mahsuri’s legend, story of birds and ogre, and many more myths await you to uncover. The arched pathway in the park is a perfect spot to snap symmetric photos.

9. Gunung Raya
Gunung Raya is the highest peak on Langkawi, standing at 881m above sea level. The myth has it that this mountain, together with Machinchang Mountain, is formed from a fight of two giants! Whether taking a shot of “I conquered Langkawi’s highest peak!” or just a leisure drive up the mountain, you will find your spot. A new proposal to enhance the space included a park, museum, resort and restaurants at the top of the hill. You can probably relax and enjoy the view while having a meal.

10. Beach shots at literally anywhere on the island!
What’s left? How can you leave Langkawi without a shot at the beach? Literally, all beaches on the island are worth getting a spot on your Instagram. TanjungRhu for the serenity and exclusiveness, Pantai Cenang for the lively and happening night scenes, Black Sand Beach for the mysterious and mythical black-coloured sand, Pantai Kok for the chill vibe and mouth- watering local food, Pantai Tengah for viewing the longest stretch of beach on Langkawi, and the list never stops. We recommend sunset shots so that you can glow in the golden hour!

About Langkawi Development Authority (LADA)
Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) was established by the federal government to plan, promote and implement development on the island of Langkawi. LADA was officially established on March 15, 1990 under the Langkawi Development Authority Act 1990 (Act 423) and placed under the authority of the Ministry of Finance.

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Langkawi, Taman Geo Global Pertama Di Asia Tenggara

Dataran Lang yang terletak di Persiaran Putera Kuah, Langkawi. Foto Facebook Jalan Jalan Langkawi

KUALA LUMPUR, 23 OKT: Geopark atau taman geo adalah tapak warisan yang menampilkan aspek sejarah dan geografi yang boleh dimanfaatkan oleh semua pihak bagi tujuan pembangunan, pendidikan dan pemuliharaan lestari.

Di Malaysia, terdapat beberapa tapak yang diisytiharkan kerajaan sebagai geopark, namun hanya dua bertaraf global, iaitu diiktiraf oleh Pertubuhan Pendidikan, Kebudayaan dan Saintifik Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (Unesco) setakat ini – Langkawi yang menerima status itu pada 2007, dan terbaharu pada Mei 2023, Kinabalu Geopark.

Menurut Penasihat Langkawi Unesco Global Geopark Prof Emeritus Dr Ibrahim Komoo, bukan mudah untuk memperoleh status itu dan cabaran seterusnya ialah mempertahankan penarafan tersebut.

Langkawi yang juga geopark global pertama Asia Tenggara, menampilkan keunikan menerusi himpunan 99 buah pulau dan ini turut menjadi cabaran kepada pentadbir, iaitu kerajaan Kedah dan Lembaga Pembangunan Langkawi (Lada) dalam mengekalkan status geopark global Unesco hingga ke hari ini.

Ibrahim berkata pelbagai usaha dilaksana bagi memastikan taman itu dapat mempertahankan status kad hijau buat kali keempat berturut-turut sejak 2007.

“Kad hijau adalah pembaharuan label Unesco Global Geopark. Sejak menerima status itu, kita berusaha tanpa mengenal lelah untuk memastikan kita dapat mengekalkan status geopark global, dan status ini berjaya dipertahankan sekali lagi pada awal September lalu,” katanya dalam temu bual dengan Bernama baru-baru ini.

Ujarnya, pencapaian itu adalah sesuatu yang harus dibanggakan oleh seluruh negara kerana tidak mudah untuk memenuhi kriteria yang disyaratkan di bawah Unesco Global Geopark.

Pemandangan Tasik Dayang Bunting. Foto Facebook NF Vibrant Holidays Sdn Bhd

Serampang dua mata

Ibrahim yang juga Felow Utama Institut Alam Sekitar dan Pembangunan, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, berkata pembabitan pelbagai pihak diperlukan dalam mempertahankan status itu.

“Contohnya, semasa penilaian ketiga pada 2019, antara yang kami ketengahkan kepada penilai Unesco ialah penyertaan pengusaha hotel yang mewujudkan galeri geopark di hotel masing-masing, sekali gus mencerminkan kefahaman mereka tentang perlunya pembangunan geopark ini dilakukan secara bersama-sama.

“Kemudian, semasa penilaian terbaharu pada tahun ini, kami mewujudkan dua produk berkaitan pelancongan geo. Satu daripadanya ialah mengubah Gunung Raya menjadi kawasan taman hutan geo baharu. Kawasan ini merangkumi Kilim Karst, Machinchang dan Tasik Dayang Bunting.

“Selain itu, kita juga berjaya mewujudkan lima denai geo baharu sebagai tambahan kepada Kubang Badak BioGeo Trail,” jelas beliau.

Satu daripada denai baharu tersebut ialah di Pulau Tuba, dan menurut Ibrahim, laluan itu dibangunkan sejak dua tahun lalu susulan penemuan penyelidikan bahawa terdapat 28 tapak yang mempunyai nilai geologi, biologi dan warisan kebudayaan di pulau berkenaan.

“Menerusi penyelidikan ini, Lada membangunkan beberapa denai yang menghubungkan kesemua 28 tapak dengan bantuan penduduk setempat. Pemandu pelancong akan memberi pencerahan tentang kesemua lokasi ini sambil pelancong melewati tempat-tempat berkenaan.

“Penduduk juga telah menubuhkan Persatuan Best Tuba yang bagi saya agak menarik kerana mereka terlibat secara aktif dalam projek denai geo ini. Mereka juga bersedia menawarkan pelbagai jenis pengangkutan seperti bugi elektrik bagi memudahkan pelancong menyelusuri denai,” katanya, menambah projek turut bertujuan meningkatkan lagi sosioekonomi penduduk setempat.

Kereta kabel Langkawi terletak di Gunung Mat Chinchang, barat laut pulau Langkawi. Foto Facebook Nik Nurfarahin Abdullah

Kerjasama semua pihak

Bercerita lanjut, Ibrahim berkata Langkawi Unesco Global Geopark mempunyai biodiversiti yang luas meliputi paya bakau, pantai dan muara sungai, sekali gus membuatkan kawasan itu begitu bernilai dan perlu dilindungi tanpa kompromi.

Taman geo ini mempunyai jujukan sedimen atau mendapan era Palaeozik paling terdedah dan lengkap di Malaysia, iaitu dari tempoh Kambrium hingga Permian yang berlaku sekitar 220 juta tahun dahulu.

Mujurlah katanya usaha menjaga dan memulihara warisan alam itu mendapat sokongan penduduk setempat yang bukan sahaja menyediakan pelbagai kemudahan untuk pelancong tetapi turut memastikan kemudahan tersebut seiring usaha memulihara.

“Pendek kata setiap orang memainkan peranan mereka. Begitu juga institusi pendidikan seperti sekolah yang bekerjasama dengan kita. Ada 32 sekolah yang mewujudkan sudut maklumat taman geo di sekolah masing-masing, selain penyertaan pelajar dalam program kita, menunjukkan minat mendalam generasi lebih muda dalam melindungi permata alam semula jadi ini,” katanya.

Menjaga alam semula jadi

Sementara itu, Pengurus Pelancongan Lada Dr Azmil Munif Mohd Bukhari berkata agensi tersebut sentiasa bekerjasama dengan pelbagai pihak termasuk Jabatan Geosains dan Mineral dalam menangani impak perubahan iklim terhadap alam sekitar di Langkawi Geopark.

“Kami membangunkan sistem amaran awal yang ditempatkan di lokasi-lokasi strategik terutama di air terjun Telaga Tujuh, di mana di situ adalah laluan mendaki ke Gunung Machinchang.

“Sistem amaran awal ini akan memaklumkan jika hujan lebat melanda dan kemungkinan berlaku kepala air serta angin kuat yang boleh membahayakan pelancong di kawasan itu,” katanya.

Bagi melindungi nilai warisan alam semula jadi, Lada memastikan tidak ada sebarang pembangunan tidak perlu dilaksanakan di hutan simpan kekal di Langkawi.

“Kita bertuah kerana hampir 60 peratus kawasan geopark di Langkawi ini terletak di hutan simpan kekal yang dilindungi sepenuhnya oleh Akta Hutan Perhutanan Negara 1984.

“Sehubungan itu, kami mengehadkan pembangunan kepada seminimum mungkin, iaitu hanya sekadar memenuhi keperluan pelancong dan penduduk setempat, antaranya jeti, kawasan letak kenderaan, gerai serta pusat penerangan. Pembangunan tidak boleh dilakukan sewenang-wenangnya bagi melindungi lokasi warisan alam semula jadi ini,” jelas beliau.


Fourth Green Card Adds Feather In Cap For Langkawi Geopark

KUALA LUMPUR: Langkawi, known by its sobriquet the Jewel of Kedah, needs no introduction as it has since become one of the most visited tourist destinations worldwide.

For nature lovers, the Langkawi Unesco Global Geopark, which was formed on 99 islands that together made up the legendary Langkawi Archipelago, is definitely one not to be missed.Langkawi was declared a geopark by the Global Geopark (UGGp) network under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) on June 1, 2007, and subject to re-assessment every four years.

The island successfully retained the 'green card' status for the previous three re-assessments, which geology experts carried out in 2011, 2015 and 2019.

Langkawi was awarded the green card status for the fourth time after revalidation on June 30 to July 4 this year. This was announced at the 10th International Conference on Unesco Global Geoparks M'Goun Unesco Global Geopark in Morocco from September 7 to September 11.

A geopark refers to an area with geological and historical heritage sites that can be utilised by all parties for sustainable preservation, education and development. Hence, it is essential for a geopark to retain ecological, archaeological, historical and cultural attributes.

Fully supervised by the Kedah state government and the Langkawi Development Authority (Lada), its Adviser, Professor Emeritus Dr Ibrahim Komoo said various efforts had been taken to ensure the geopark preserves its green card status for the fourth time.

"A green card signifies renewal of the Unesco Global Geopark label, with Langkawi receiving its most recent green card in 2019. Due to our relentless efforts, we were able to retain our global geopark status early September this year, making this an important triumph for the entire nation," he told Bernama recently.

Two-pronged development

Ibrahim who is also a professor from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) said there is an array of regional developments that need to be undertaken for Unesco to grant such an honorary green card.

"For instance, in the third assessment in 2019, one of the advancements we highlighted to the Unesco assessors was the participation of numerous hotel sector parties who established geopark galleries in their hotels, exhibiting their understanding of the need for developing this geopark together.

"Then, for the recent evaluation which took place this year, we have created two geo-tourism-related products and one of which is to transform Gunung Raya into a brand new geoforest park area. Previously, the area consisted of Kilim Karst, Machinchang and Dayang Bunting Lake.

"Other than that, we were also able to establish five new geo-trails in addition to Kubang Badak BioGeo Trail, all of which would be maintained by neighbourhood inhabitants," he added.

Touching on one of the geotrails namely Pulau Tuba, Ibrahim said it has been under development for the past two years as a result of recent research showing that there are about 28 sites with geological, biological and cultural heritage values ​​on the island.

"Through this study, Lada has constructed several routes that connect all 28 of these places with the assistance of the island's residents. The tour guide will narrate tales about the uniqueness of these priceless locations as you travel down this path.

"The residents of the area formed the Tuba Best Association, which is quite interesting because they are actively participating in this wholesome geotrails project. They are also willing to offer various transportation facilities such as electric buggies to make it easier for tourists to make their way along this route," he said, adding that the projects are aimed at improving the socio-economic capacity of the local population.

Cooperation from all

Ibrahim added Langkawi Unesco Global Geopark is blessed with biodiversity in diverse habitats including mangroves, beaches and estuaries, hence making it

Ibrahim added Langkawi Unesco Global Geopark is blessed with biodiversity in diverse habitats including mangroves, beaches and estuaries, hence making it far more valuable to be protected at any cost.

At this reverie mangrove, tourists will not only have the chance to embrace the beauty of the mesmerising scenery, but will also get to see the fierce eagle, kingfishers, mudskippers, fiddler crabs, and monitor lizard, among others.

The Langkawi Geopark has the best-exposed and most complete Palaeozoic sedimentary sequence in Malaysia, from the Cambrian to the Permian period which took place around 220 million years ago.

Fortunately, he said, Pulau Langkawi residents from all walks of life have demonstrated their genuine dedication to maintaining the geopark by providing top-notch accommodations and facilities that are accessible to visitors around the clock.

"As you can see, everyone accomplished their part. School institutions are also collaborating with us to complete this global geopark mission. There are around 32 schools that have created a geopark information corner in their respective schools, while there is also participation of numerous children in the junior geopark guide programme which demonstrates the younger generation's keen interest in protecting this natural gem," said Ibrahim.

Safeguarding the nature

Meanwhile, Lada's tourism manager, Dr Azmil Munif Mohd Bukhari, said the agency has established cooperation with various parties including the minerals and geosciences department (JMG) in dealing with any impact of climate change on the environment from interfering with the development and sustainability of Langkawi Geopark.

"We have several early warning systems established, particularly in the Telaga Tujuh waterfall region where there is a climbing route for the Machinchang Mountain because we recognise that the tremendous climate change that is occurring throughout the world can undoubtedly have an adverse impact on everyone.

"This warning system will notify that there is heavy rain and the possibility of causing water heads and strong wind debris flow that could endanger tourists in the area," he added.

To prevent any harm to this natural heritage value, Lada has also protected the permanent forest reserves on the island from needless development.

"We are so lucky because almost 60 per cent of the geopark area in Langkawi are in a permanent forest reserve and it has been fully protected by the National Forest Act 1984 (Act 313).

"Therefore, we limit our development to the bare minimum required to serve both tourists and locals, such as piers, parking spaces, stalls and information centres. This is due to the fact that development cannot take place at random to maintain the protection of all these natural heritage locations," he elaborated. – Bernama

Langkawi Kekal Status Geopark Global 4 Tahun Lagi

Abdul Wahid (kiri) menyampaikan sijil penghargaan kepada Ibrahim (tengah) pada Majlis Makan Malam sempena Kursus Serantau GGN Ke-6 2023 di Mercure Hotel Langkawi. - Foto NSTP/Hamzah Osman

LANGKAWI: Status Langkawi sebagai geopark global Pertubuhan Pendidikan, Saintifik dan Kebudayaan Pertubuhan Bangsa Bersatu (UNESCO) dilanjutkan selama empat tahun lagi apabila diberi penarafan kad hijau baru-baru ini.

Ia membanggakan kerana pulau pelancongan ini mengekal pengiktirafan peringkat dunia itu buat kali keempat berturut-turut termasuk tiga proses penilaian semula sebelum ini pada 2011, 2015 dan 2019.

Timbalan Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Sumber Asli, Alam Sekitar dan Perubahan Iklim, Datuk Abdul Wahid Abu Salim berkata, Lembaga Pembangunan Langkawi (LADA) telah dimaklumkan pengekalan status itu dibuat pada Mesyuarat Majlis Geopark UNESCO pada 5 September lalu.

"Tahniah kepada Langkawi kerana berjaya mengekal status kad hijau dalam pengesahan semula baru-baru ini, sekali gus melanjutkan keahlian pulau itu dalam Rangkaian Geopark Global (GGN) sehingga 2027.

"Pulau itu telah diberi status geopark global pada 1 Jun 2007 dan muncul Geopark pertama di Asia Tenggara pada masa itu," katanya ketika berucap pada Majlis Makan Malam sempena Kursus Serantau GGN Ke-6 2023 di Mercure Hotel Langkawi, malam tadi.

Yang turut hadir, Naib Presiden GGN dan Penasihat Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark, Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr Ibrahim Komoo; Pegawai Pemasaran Kanan Biro Pengurusan Geopark Kepulauan Oki, Jepun, Yagoda Waloszyn dan Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi, Prof Datuk Dr Norzaini Azman.

Julai lalu, akhbar ini melaporkan dua pakar iaitu Dr Yuanyuan Zheng dari China dan Dr Yongmun Jeon (Korea) berkampung di pulau ini selama lima hari bagi menjalankan proses penilaian semula status Langkawi Geopark.

Pada majlis makan malam itu, Abdul Wahid turut menyampaikan sijil penghargaan kepada tiga tokoh yang membantu membangunkan Langkawi Geopark.

Mereka termasuk bekas Pengurus Besar LADA yang juga Presiden Kawan-Kawan Geopark Langkawi, Datuk Kamarulzaman Andul Ghani; Ahli Paleontologi, Felo Penyelidik Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia dan Penasihat Geopark Lembah Kinta, Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr Mohd Shafeea Leman dan Dr Ibrahim.

Kursus serantau selama tiga hari bertujuan berkongsi pengalaman dan bertukar pandangan dalam memperkasa pengurusan geopark itu disertai 83 peserta mewakli Indonesia, Thailand, Filipina dan tuan rumah, Malaysia.