Langkawi Satun Fishing Thru Andaman 2024


The Langkawi Satun Fishing Thru Andaman 2024 fishing match, organized by LADA in collaboration with the Satun Provincial Office of Tourism and Sports, promises an exhilarating continuation of last year’s successful event. Building upon the triumph of the Satun Langkawi Fishing Thru Andaman 2023, this competition is set to be the largest fishing event held in Langkawi Island, transcending international borders for an unmatched experience in angling.

Scheduled from the 17th to the 19th of May 2024, the competition will kick off at the Pak Bara Jetty and culminate at the Harbour Park Jetty in Langkawi. With applications open from the 5th of April to the 5th of May 2024, teams eager to participate can secure their spots within this timeframe.

The event welcomes fishing boats from both Malaysia and Thailand, with each country allocated 15 boats, totaling 30 teams, with seven members per team. This inclusive approach fosters camaraderie and friendly competition between neighboring nations, enhancing the spirit of sportsmanship and collaboration.

Beyond the thrill of the competition, participants can look forward to exploring the picturesque waters of the Andaman Sea, renowned for its rich marine biodiversity and scenic landscapes. As anglers cast their lines, they’ll be surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Langkawi’s coastal vistas and the tranquil serenity of Satun’s shores.

The Langkawi Satun Fishing Thru Andaman 2024 promises not only a test of angling prowess but also an opportunity for cultural exchange and mutual appreciation between Malaysia and Thailand. With anticipation building and excitement in the air, this event is poised to make waves in the world of competitive fishing, uniting enthusiasts from across borders in a celebration of the sport and the natural wonders of the Andaman Sea.

17 – 19 May

Venue: Habour Park, Langkawi Island

Organiser Details:
Langkawi Development Authority
Website : [email protected]

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