Rotax MAX Challenge Asia Trophy 2024-Round 4

ABOUT RMC asia trophy 2024

With Amprex Racing Services Sdn Bhd. 


Amprex Racing Services, distributor of Rotax kart engines in Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam; and promoter of Rotax MAX Challenge Asia Trophy, is excited to announce the second edition of the Rotax MAX Challenge Asia Trophy 2024 which is a flagship International RMC event.

The Rotax Team is already in full progress for the preparation of the event in time to host RMCAT 2024.

Amprex Racing Services will be the proud promoter and organiser of the RMCAT, as they aspire to grow this event into annually the most prestigious international karting event in the South East Asia (SEA) region.

RMCAT 2024 is aiming to attract many international race teams and drivers again from the SEA region and from the Oceania Pacific region, East Asia, the Middle East and European regions, with entrants having one sole purpose in mind; to be crown as the champion of their respective categories.



Amprex Racing Services (ARS), distributor of Rotax kart engines in Malaysia, Brunei and promoter of Rotax MAX Challenge Malaysia (RMC), is proud to announce a newly structured regional RMC event known as Rotax MAX Challenge Asia Trophy 2024 (RMCAT).

RMCAT 2024 is the result of the evolution of RMC Malaysia and amalgamation of RMC Thailand which results in a new regional RMC event that promises more exuberance and excitement for the participating racers.

Following categories that are part of the RMCAT:

  • Rotax 125 Micro MAX Evo with 9.5 hp
  • Rotax 125 Mini MAX Evo with 13 hp
  • Rotax 125 Junior MAX Evo with 23 hp
  • Rotax 125 Senior MAX Evo with 30 hp
  • Rotax 125 MAX DD2 MAX Masters with 34 hp and 2-speed gearbox

Selective category winners of the RMCAT championship will be awarded with tickets to the RMC Grand Finals 2024 (RMCGF) which takes place in the Kingdom of Bahrain from 2nd to 9th December, 2023. Following categories that are entitled to win tickets to RMCGF are:

  • Rotax 125 Mini MAX
  • Rotax 125 Junior MAX
  • Rotax 125 Senior MAX [x2]
  • Rotax 125 MAX DD2 MAX Masters

What is even more enticing for the Rotax 125 Senior Max category for the overall championship winner and runner up in the RMCAT championship. 1st and 2nd overall champions are entitled to win RMCGF tickets to participate in the following classes:

  • Rotax 125 Senior MAX
  • Rotax 125 MAX DD2 MAX

The overall championship winner has the privilege of having first dibs in choosing their preferred choice of RMCGF tickets.


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18 – 19 May

Venue: MORAC Adventure Park, Langkawi Island

Organiser Details:
Tel:+60-4-955 2727/+60 12 957 3327
Website :
Email : [email protected]

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