Sepak Raga Tuju (SRT) Langkawi Cup-2024

Sepak Raga Tuju (SRT) Langkawi Cup-2024

Sepak raga, a dynamic game with roots stretching back 600 years to the Melaka Sultanate in the 15th century, tests players’ skills in kicking, heading, chesting, and kneeing a rattan ball to keep it airborne.

Originally played without a net, sepak raga involved a circle of players. Today, the high-octane version known as sepak takraw pits two teams against each other, separated by a net on a badminton-like court. Even when a takraw ball isn’t available, players improvise with other balls in a circle game known as “menimang bola.”

The evolution of this thrilling sport includes formats like Sepak Raga Tuju (SRT), where the objective is to launch the ball towards the opposing team using precise and powerful strikes. Frontline players must adeptly lift the ball and keep the game in motion.

Players need mastery in techniques like “timbang sila” and “timbang kuda,” as both are crucial for dominating the game. Unlike other formats, heading the ball is rare. Each player is allowed three touches, with the ball needing to be passed to another player by the third count, staying below knee level to facilitate control and continuation.

Essential skills include:
– Sharpening focus on the incoming ball
– Readiness to absorb the first touch
– Applying controlled force
– Strategically passing the ball to teammates

To all sports enthusiasts, don’t miss the electrifying action! Join us on August 30-31, 2024, at Kom. Sukan Langkawi for a fierce competition where teams will battle for cash prizes exceeding RM10,000. Let’s cheer them on and make this event unforgettable!

30-31 August

Venue: Langkawi Sports Complex, Langkawi

Organiser Details:
Bahagian Pelancongan, Lembaga Pembangunan Langkawi (LADA)
Website :  Lembaga Pembangunan Langkawi (LADA)

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